The Begining of the "Han-D-Dip Dairy Barn"

The business was built by Stan and Eunice Hancock in 1963. After six years in business they decided to sell. That's where we came into the picture. Pete was selling insurance and I (Cathy) was about to have our first child. It was the early months of summer in 1969 that we decided to embark on a new and exciting adventure. We became the proud owners of the Han-D-Dip Dairy Barn. In the beginning it was pretty tough on both of us. Pete was still selling insurance and I was trying to run the business with a baby in the back room. Pete would work all day and then come to relieve me in the evening and finish closing up the store. Thanks to a lot of hard work, LONG hours and some wonderful employees, we made it! Starting your own business is always a scary endeavor. You never know for sure if you're doing it right, but thanks to great customers and great employees we would not trade the experience for anything.

To summarize this will be "50" Years in business! We have raised three wonderful children, Dawn, Christina and John. All of them have worked and Managed for us., which really has helped make our business a success. Having family to oversee that things are being run correctly and they have your best interest at heart. We have also been very fortunate to employ some great kids over the years. Many of them are still friends to this day. It's a thrill to see some of them come up with their family years later even if it tends to make us feel a little old. Pete and I have so many wonderful memories and we are looking forward to many more.

Our Menu

Cones and Extras

Sizes and Pricing:

Cones = Baby / Small / Medium / Large

Ice Cream (Pint) = Pint

Dole Whip Cones = Baby / Small / Medium / Large

Dole Whip (Pint) = Pint

Waffle / Sugar Cone

Waffle Dipped

Nuts = Crushed / Spanish / Pecans

Sprinkles = / Extra Toppings/ Whipped Cream


Sizes and Pricing:

Flurry = Baby / Small / Medium / Large

Dole Whip Instead

Banana Pudding Banana Split Banana Fudge Pecan Birthday Cake Brownie Butterfinger Cheesecake Choc. Cherry Chip Cookie Dough Deep Dish Apple Pie Drumstick
German Chocolate Heath Drumstick Key Lime Pie Kit Kat Mint Cookie M & M Nerds Nestle Crunch Nutty Caramel Apple Oreo Peach Cobbler Peanut Butter Cup Pecan Delight Pina Colada Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Pumpkin Pie Reeses Pieces Smores Snickers Strawberry Shortcake Tin Roof

Sundaes and Shakes

Sizes and Pricing:

Sundaes = Baby (Only By Request) / Small / Medium / Large

Shake-A-Sundae = Small / Large

Waffle Sundae =

Banana Splits = / (Monster Cup Only)

Malts, Shakes, Floats, Coolers, Juicy Freezes and Tropical Freezes = Baby / Small / Medium / Large

All items below are:

Parfait Super Bowl Fiesta Sundae Supreme Fudge Nutty Snicker Treat Hot Fudge Cake Peanut Butter Crunch Strawberry Shortcake Hot Fudge Cream Puff Turtle Treat Hot Apple Pie

Dole Whip Instead = ¢.40 extra

Novelty Items

Sizes and Pricing:

Ice Cream Sandwich = Regular / Chocolate Chip

Frozen Banana = Regular / w/Nuts


Dog Sundae

Slush and Pop

Sizes and Pricing:

Slush = Baby (Only By Request) / Small / Medium / Large

Pop = Baby (Only By Request) / Small / Medium / Large

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